Most Powerful Hard Drive Degaussers


The Proton T-4 is NSA listed for use on Top Secret/Classified data. It uses a patented “Reverse Polarity” technology to produce a powerful, bi-directional field; making it the strongest hard drive degausser available.


The T-1.15 is a compact, automatic, drawer-style degausser, capable of erasing / sanitizing multi-terabyte hard drives and tapes. It allows compliance with recognized data security standards such as HIPAA, PCI and NIST.


The Proton 1100 is a NSA listed, hand held degaussing wand hard drive sanitizer.  It has a multi-polar design to ensure permanent data erasure.

Data Destruction Equipment that Meets the Strictest Standards



Proton Data Security is the world’s leading manufacturer of degaussers and data security products. With over 25 years of experience in the data security industry, our line of quality degaussers / sanitizers and destroyers ensures that sensitive data is erased in accordance with recognized standards and completely unrecoverable. It’s the ultimate solution for how to destroy a hard drive.

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All of our products are proudly manufactured in the United States and meet or exceed US National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Defense (DoD) requirements for sanitizing electronic media. We are honored to be helping the United States government and its allies protect their classified data and also pleased to be assisting organizations all over the world secure their data.


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SECOND STAGE HARD DRIVE DESTRUCTIONOur PDS-75 & PDS-100 Destroyers are equipped for the job

destroy a hard drive with a PDS-75 crusher
Crush hard drives with the PDS-100 Crusher

Our selection of NSA listed data destroyers are equipped for every situation. In less than ten seconds, you have the ability to administer tons of crushing force to destroy your hard drive. Its accuracy in physical destruction adheres to Department of Defense (DoD) standards too.

Our destroyers keep power supply in mind with both electric and manual versions. The electric version even has a manual crushing handle in case of sudden power loss. Paired with a degausser, these destroyers are ready to securely destroy your hard drive with ease.

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