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Data destruction manufacturer with a reptutation for expert craftsmanship.

Who We Are

Proton Data Security is a certified small business specializing in the design, manufacturing and sales of data security products for permanent erasure of hard drives, tapes and optical media. Our products have helped clients protect their sensitive data for over 25 years and comply with data security regulations.

Proton Engineering, Inc, our exclusive design company, has worked closely with the NSA in developing many products. Several of our products are on the NSA and DoD approved list and use patented technology which sets us apart from the competition.

Over the years we have established ourselves as a trusted source for data security products and have been awarded countless contracts from US DoD agencies. Our continued R&D keeps us at the forefront of the constantly changing data security industry and allows us to provide the latest technology and security solutions.

Popular markets we serve

  • Defense and Government

  • Data Center and Data Storage

  • Healthcare

  • Financial Services

  • Legal

  • Insurance

  • Education

  • Electronic Recycling

What we do

Risk Assessment

We understand the risks of incorrect data destruction methods, that’s why we make products that adhere to NSA and DoD standards.

Compliance Standards

Not all businesses are alike. Chat with us and we can help determine your specific security needs in regards to security laws.

Data Destruction

We are committed to data destruction. That’s why our machinery is not only accurate in destruction, but it’s also designed for easy use.

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