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Hard Drive Shredders

Hard Drive Shredders

Hard Drive Shredders

Hard drive shredders are the difference between erased and totally destroyed.  Let’s say you’ve hired a paper shredding company.  Your staff is excited with the level of security.  You may also have a bunch of old hard drives.  Drives are more of a risk to you than printed material. Drives are very open to theft and security breaches.  Hitting “erase” doesn’t change much in the memory of hard drives.

A company hires security experts pick up electronic devices from their businesses.  First of all this creates worse security. The transportation of drives is almost always a vulnerability.

hard drive shreddersOffsite removal requires hard drives being destroyed be quarantined.

Outside workers take over the security. They document the quantity along with any serial numbers on the drives. The company verifies that all of this information is correct.

Why not just destroy the drives on-site?  This removes data exposure during transport.  Furthermore it removes the need to trust third parties.   Any outside service can be corrupted.

NSA Compliant Hard Drive Shredders

There are standards in the world.  The National Security Agency establishes the standards for data security.  The NSA recommends safeguarding data from bad actors in specific ways.

Our hard drive shredders are fully NSA recommendations compliant.

Hard Drive Shredders and Recycling

Because most of the materials generated by hard drive shredders are recyclable, it is a good idea to recognize that some materials are precious and quite valuable.  Likewise, some shredded materials are hazardous.

In conclusion, site hard drive shredders insure greater security but also create materials which need to be removed.  Therefore, it is a good idea to retain the services of an EPA compliant company.

Insure that your e-waste is never exported, due to other factors.  Many companies will attempt to re-sell your discarded hard drive materials in secondary foreign markets.

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