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PDS Crusher Modifications

PDS Crusher Modifications

The PDS crusher series is designed to deliver second-stage high security hard drive destruction in an entirely portable unit. With the variety of add-ons and modifications available, the crushers accomplish this while allowing them to be used in any environment. Here we have a detailed menu of the customizable options available for the PDS-75, PDS-100 & PDS-125.

Laptop drives can be destroyed with the use of this add onLaptop Option & Holder (LTH) – The laptop drive module is an easy way to accommodate laptop drives. This module includes two steel panels that can be inserted into the crushing chamber of the device. It’s easy just move the levers holding the current steel panels, pull those out and slide in the modified laptop panels. Click the levers back into place and you’re ready to go! 

Rear Output Slide (ROS) – The Rear Output Slide is a steel chute that hooks into the back of the unit. This is often purchased with the Autoloader with Slide. This is a great option for companies with large quantity destruction needs. This could include data centers or government security locations

Autoloader with Slide (ATR) –  This is installed in conjunction with the Rear Output Slide as a customization to maximize efficiency and automation in the hard drive destruction process. The Autoloader is installed to the front of the machine so that users or robots can place wiped hard drives at the top of the slide. The machine then pulls the hard drive from the slide and into the scanning chamber. The scanning chamber has the ability to be locked to ensure that hard drives are securely pushed into the crushing chamber. The scanning This option is ideal for large scale drive destroying operationschamber is designed with an open top for scanning equipment to scan drives before being inserted into the PDS crusher. The hard drives are crushed and then passed through the Rear Output Slide and into a disposal bin. The Autoloader with Slide and the Rear Output Slide combination is the most attractive package for large quantity data destruction needs.

Remote Control Communication (RCC) – The Remote Control Communication option is a newly developed feature that allows computers to communicate with the device. This is a popular option on large scale drive destroying operations. IT companies or large scale companies would benefit from this operation as it can efficiently take care of several drives automatically.

Universal Mount Kit (MNT) – The Universal Mount Kit is used quite often with the Rackmountable Slide-Out Shelf option as a secure space saving option. The Universal Mount Kit is installed to the bottom of the crusher so that it can be secured on a slide out shelf or in a locked cabinet.

Rackmountable Slide-out Shelf (EIA) – The Rackmountable Slide-out Shelf is designed to lock the crusher onto a slide-The extended battery option is only available for the PDS-125out shelf. The crusher can  be installed onto the shelf by using the Universal Mount Kit. This combination would be a great addition to any data center that utilizes tower shaped storage or smaller organizations that wish to mount their crusher for saving space in the office.

Battery Pack (BAT) – The exterior battery pack is an option for the PDS-125. The PDS-125 is a unique crusher as it has an internal battery that can power the machine in automatic crushing mode for 100 drives or more. The exterior battery pack is not only rechargeable, but also it massively extends the power capacity of the machine. All that needs to be done is to charge the battery by plugging it into a standard wall outlet. Once charged, use the included cord to connect the battery to the outlet on the front of the crusher.

Using this heavy duty case will ensure that your crusher is transported without damage
Transport & Storage Case (CASE) – The Transport and Storage Case is a strong, durable Pelican case that users can pack the crusher into for safe transport. The sturdy foam inserts are cut to the shape of the PDS crusher so that the unit makes it to the destination in perfect condition.

With the array of options available for the PDS-75, PDS-100 & PDS-125, this crusher series is ready to deliver high security hard drive destruction in any scenario. Request a quote or contact us today for more information on these magnetic media destroyers. Our team of experts are ready to find the perfect crusher combination for you.

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