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New 2 TB super thumb drives spark need for SSD shredders

New 2 TB super thumb drives spark need for SSD shredders


Every year, a new technology hits the market that makes consumers immediately toss their old version of the electronic in the trash.

But with the new 2 terabyte super thumb drive from Kingston hitting the market soon, companies will want to take one extra step before they roll out a mass upgrade.

CES 2017 home to big announcements
The Consumer Electronics Show is a cultural icon in the technology industry because of the new life it breathes into old designs, and 2017 was no different. Among some of the more innovative and jaw-dropping announcements that were made—like the world’s first three-screen laptop—included Kingston’s reveal of the world’s first 2 TB flash drive. According to eWeek, the USB easily doubles what the old record holder could contain.

Every company relies on flash drives as a safe and secure way to transport information. In the financial history, they may contain financial dealings and reports, consumer account information or highly sensitive corporate data. Health care is similar—employees likely use them to hold electronic health records. They’re vastly useful for the digital era. But hackers see them as gold mines.

The small devices remain one of the easiest electronics to lose. Computer World reported, for example, that a study found 4,500 flash drives were left in people’s pockets at the cleaners in just one year alone. Just imagine how many an organization loses in its own building.

But either misplacing or having those thumb drives stolen can be detrimental to both the financial health of a business, as well as the reputation. Who would want to give a financial firm control over his or her 401(k) when they can’t even keep track of a flash drive?

Kingston just released a new 2 TB thumb drive.

Become future-ready
Most organizations have a strategy as to how they’ll tackle any potential cybersecurity concerns, but seldom have thought about how they’ll prevent any loss or theft of flash drives. With the new 2 TB thumb drive hitting the market soon, employees will be clamoring for an upgrade—and companies will have a problem.

It’s time to get your business future-ready, by ensuring you have a protocol built to mitigate any potential risk associated with upgrading electronic devices. In particular, the PDS-88 solid state drive media shredder is a perfect addition to any organization that knows it will be upgrading smaller devices like flash drives or mobile phones with regularity.

Built to look like a conventional paper shredder, the PDS-88 is easily operated by a simple-to-use control panel at the top. It shreds and disintegrates various types of media, including CDs and USB flash drives. Just like you would destroy a piece of paper and gain the peace of mind a criminal won’t steal your documents, solid state shredders offer the same level of protection but for office electronics and other devices.

So many organizations waste money needlessly by paying for an IT asset disposition service. Instead, you can get the same exact machines they use, and take control of the sanitization process. Leaving your company information in someone else’s pocket could create financial ruin for yourself—don’t you know how many thumb drives are left at the dry cleaners?

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