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New NSA Listed Crushers

New NSA Listed Crushers

After secure degaussing, crushing is an excellent method of physically destroying a hard drive, rendering its data irrecoverable. The PDS-75, PDS-100 & PDS-125 crushers bend hard drives 90 degrees, which destroys the internal components and platter. These machines are so effective that they have recently been added into the Evaluated Products List (EPL) for high security hard drive destruction. Their array of customizable options make them perfect for every application. Whether in house or on the go, the PDS crusher series is a guaranteed way to get hard drives securely destroyed.

90 degree bend from the crusherAll of these units have been listed on the EPL as a secure method of second-stage hard drive destruction. According to the NSA, a hard drive must be first degaussed before physically destroyed. Using a degausser such as the Proton T-4 would be a great first-stage device to pair with a PDS crusher. With a virtually hands-off operation and full degaussing in seconds, it’s the safest and most efficient way to degauss a drive before bending & crushing. The crusher’s unquestionable destruction of the hard drives has captured the attention of the NSA. By bending it 90 degrees, it damages the platter, head, motor and circuit board of the drive. These essential components are destroyed where data is completely irrecoverable. Previous products on the EPL have mangled or punched hard drives to destroy them, but destruction is more visibly evident on the PDS series.

Each of the three PDS crushers have unique qualities that make them fit for several different scenarios. The PDS-75 is the base model that is completely manual. Equipped with a rubberized grip handle and weighing at only 45 lbs, this crusher is set to go mobile. This is designed to not only be Eco-friendly, but also function in locations without power. These locations can include portable business offices, mobile destruction trucks or top secret government locations. With a manual crushing speed of eight seconds or less, the PDS-75 is the portable and efficient way how to destroy a hard drive.

FPDS-100 & PDS-75or some clients, powerless operation is not a constant need. The PDS-100 has the option to be plugged in for a fully automatic destruction process. It’s easy too. Just insert the drive in the front of the machine, close the door and push the blue button. From there, the crusher will destroy the erased hard drive in ten seconds or less. Even though this unit has the automatic feature, it still has a manual crushing option. The manual crushing handle, the rubberized handle and rugged design makes this machine completely mobile.

The PDS-125 is our newest addition to the PDS crushers. This unit not only has the manual and powered options of the other crushers, but also it has an internal battery for portable destruction. The battery has been tested to destroy 100 or more drives before running out of juice. Once the battery runs out, continue hard drive destruction by using the manual crushing handle or plugging the unit into a standard wall outlet.  To upgrade the battery life,  check out the additional external battery pack that can be purchased. The external battery would include an extra cable to connect to the machine and a charger. With major features integrated from it’s predecessors and a battery powered option, this machine is the epitome of versatility.

how to destroy a hard drive with the PDS-100 AutoloaderThese machines can be changed to fit any application with the several modifications available. The most popular modification would be the adapter panels for laptop drive destruction. These are two steel plates that can be inserted into the crushing chamber to accommodate laptop drives. The Rear Output Slide is another add on that can be installed on the backside of the crusher for large quantity drive destruction. This is generally installed in conjunction with the autoloader with slide option. With this option, users can either place a drive at the top of the chute or have a robot automatically place the drive on the chute. The chute will work automatically with the machine so that hard drives can be destroyed in continuum. Another popular feature is the rackmount option. This can be added to the PDS-100 or PDS-75 to mount the crusher on a rack for easy storage. For a deployable option, there is a heavy duty transport and storage Pelican(R) case available that would fit any of these models.

With all of these additional features available, the PDS crusher series is applicable to any situation. Operation is easy, fast and energy-efficient. With the addition of a Proton degausser, a clean hard drive will be destroyed up to NSA standards in seconds. Contact us today to chat about the right PDS crusher for your needs!

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