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Hard Drive Degaussers

Degausser Machines to Completely Sanitize, Wipe, and Erase Hard Drives

Degaussing is the act of de-magnetizing a hard drive and therefore erasing the data on it. Degaussing is an NSA approved method of data erasure for hard drives. It is recommended that after using a degausser on a wiped hard drive, a crushing device is used to complete the secure data erasure. As a leading manufacturer of data security products, we engineer our products to take care of wiped hard drives fast.

Some of our clients have particular security standards they need to adhere to. Below, you’ll notice our NSA listed models and DoD approved products. We also feature a portable degausser, the 1100 wand. This pairs well with our portable PDS crusher series for the ultimate mobile hard drive destruction operation. Degaussed or destroyed hard drives are an excellent source of e-waste to be recycled as well.

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