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Hard Drive Degaussers

Hard Drive Degausser Completely Sanitizes, Wipes, and Erases Hard Drives

A degausser: used to de-magnetize a hard drive and therefore erase the data on it.  A Degausser is an NSA approved method of data erasure for hard drives. It is recommended that after using a degausser, a drive destroyer device is used to complete the secure data destruction. As a leading manufacturer of degausser products, we engineer our machines to take care of wiped hard drives fast.

Some of our clients have particular security standards they need to adhere to using a degausser. Below, you’ll notice our NSA listed models and DoD approved degausser products. We also feature a portable hard drive degausser, the 1100 wand.  A hard drive degausser can provide a serious solution to an incredibly important business and regulatory problem.

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As degaussing hard drives does not depend on applications, a degausser will also completely and permanently erase failed or faulty hard drives.

What are the advantages of degaussing?

Hard drive degaussing is cost effective.  With a degausser, you keep complete control of your sensitive information constantly.  There is no need to pass your data to third parties.

A degausser kills data stored on magnetic media such as tape, disks, reels, cassettes and hard drives.

Magnetic media has a coating of iron oxide or chromium dioxide which sits on the tape or or on its circular platter.  The data are orientated to a set of “lines”, which make up the recording or information.  Degaussers flatten those lines.

The World Health Organization say that current evidence doesn’t confirm the existence of any health consequences from strong EMP.  But, all Proton degaussers are intended to fall within the recommended guidelines issued by the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB).

In addition, our most popular degaussers have all been designed to restrict operator participation.

How does a Hard Drive degausser work?

A degausser operates by generating an intense magnetic field, so strong that it permanently eliminates the magnetic memory stored in the iron oxide or chromium dioxide coatings.  This randomizes the recorded information pattern.  A degausser releases magnetism stored in its internal capacitors.  A degausser capacitor is a device for storing electrical potential energy.

By changing the magnetic field on the tape or hard drive using a degausser, the information stored on it can effectively be destroyed.

A degausser makes hard drive destruction a complete, quick, silent and easy process.

  • Hard drive components can be fully recycled once run through a degausser.
  • A degausser can release more than 1 Tesla of stored energy in less than a second.
  • A degausser can destroy a hard drive as quickly as every three seconds.
  • A degausser often has a very small footprint for such a powerful machine.
  • A degausser is most effective when used in combination with a hard drive crusher or a hard drive shredder.
  • A degausser is recommended for use in the destruction of hard drives by the National Security Agency
  • Key tape, magnetic tapes and any other type of magnetic data storage can all be wiped with a degausser.
  • Solid state electronics cannot be cleaned with a degausser.Interested in a degausser?  Give us a call on 888-881-9000 and we’ll talk about which degausser is right for you, and if you have the requirement, which of our NSA listed degaussers is the right choice.

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