Ensure the highest level of data security for your company

Proton Data Security has many years of experience in the data security industry. Our line of degaussers and destroyers are top of the line machinery that can erase all of your sensitive data. Your information is erased in accordance with many recognized standards that promise to leave your data completely unrecoverable. All of our hard drive sanitizer and hard drive crushers are proudly manufactured with the highest level of quality and with security as a top priority.

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Why Our Products?

Proton’s products are manufactured in the USA in ISO 9001 certified facilities. Several of our products use patented technology which sets us apart from the competition and allows us to keep pace with advancing data storage technology. Our degaussers are built for longevity and will accommodate both current and projected hard drive coercivity and technology.

We are fully invested in providing the best data security solutions to our customers. Our constant R&D keeps us at the forefront of the industry and allows us to provide cutting edge technology and security solutions.

Why Degauss?

Data breaches can cost millions of dollars, tarnish the good reputation of a business, lead to identity theft and even jeopardize national security. Several laws now require organizations to comply with strict regulations to ensure that no personal data is left on discarded hard drives and other electronic media.

Simply deleting files, using software overwrites, or physically damaging hard drives is insufficient because it leaves data forensically recoverable. The only way to permanently erase your sensitive data is to degauss it. In a matter of seconds all data on electronic media can be completely sanitized. Proton’s products provide compliance with electronic waste disposal regulations and also the peace of mind that your data won’t end up in the wrong hands.


Proton Data Security provides onsite destruction of hard drives, disks and other electronic media for your convenience.

  • Proton has the depth of experience and breadth of capabilities to effectively dispose of your end-of-life assets, mitigate your risk from Regulations such as SOX404, HIPAA, FACTA, GLB and EPA requirements.
  • Proton partners with certified electronic recyclers to recycle all media within the USA and delivers a complete audit report, certificate of destruction, and letter of indemnification – verifying that data erasure or destruction of your data has been performed and disposal of remaining content is compliant with EPA requirements.
  • Proton utilizes equipment certified by the NSA and meets DoD standards to completely destroy magnetic media (hard drives/ tapes) and optical media (CD/DVD disks).

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